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EST. 2003...

Martin Fierro Restaurant was born in Naples, Florida. The inspiration for the cuisine came from our Argentinian Butcher. From there we created our famous Beef and Chicken empanadas. In 2012, We had outgrown our previous location and during that time we also expanded our empanada offerings to include 5 additional flavors; Ham & Cheese, Spinach, Italian Sausage, Plant- Based Beef and Chorizo and Plant-Based Chicken. Our business continued to grow. In 2021, Based on the high demand and requests for our products outside of the restaurant, MIGA Food Manufacturing was born. To get obtain critical feedback we did market analysis with the top Chefs from Collier County's finest clubs and the American Culinary Federation. To further validate and ensure we had a truly exceptional product, we used our connections to enlist the help and creativity of the top Food Distributor and their culinary experts during a courtesy luncheon. Based upon their immediate reaction we knew we had a great product. The quality of our products have been so well received as we begin our national launch that the finest and best food service companies and ingredient manufacturers are requesting that our compnay and culinary team create empanadas for them. We welcome you to taste our latest creations ; Spicy Italian Sausage and Plant-Based "Beef & Chorizo".

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